3706A-S Switch/Multimeter System

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Keithley Series 3700A Systems Switch/Multimeter

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Maximum Switching Channels Other features Connectivity Mainframe Size No. of Card Slots
up to 576 Switch Only, DMM is excluded GPIB /USB (TMC) / LAN (LXI) Full rack, 2U 6
Features Benefits
Four configuration options available Allows buying the minimum functionality the application requires: with or without DMM, with or without front panel display and keypad.
Embedded Test Script Processor (TSP®) Avoids communication delays between the PC controller and instrument by embedding test scripts in the instrument itself, improving test throughput dramatically.
TSP-Link® master/slave connection Offers easy system expansion between mainframes; also allows connecting to other TSP-Link enabled instruments such as Series 2600B SourceMeter SMU instruments.
Optional 7½-digit DMM is connected to the mainframe’s analog backplane Ensures a high quality signal path from each card channel to the multimeter.
Built-in Web interface Offers a quick and easy method to control and analyze measurement results.
Optional DMM capable of >14,000 readings/second to memory at 3½ digits Supports high throughput component testing.
Front panel USB 2.0 device port Simplifies transfer of readings, system configurations, and test scripts by allowing them to be saved to memory sticks.
Built-in LXI/Ethernet, GPIB, and USB interfaces Supports easy connectivity with other equipment in the test system.
Fourteen programmable digital I/O lines Allows easy control of external devices like component handlers or other instruments.





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