Спектрален анализатор RSA607A

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Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

По заявка
Model Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI Real-Time Bandwidth SFDR (typical) Frequency Range
RSA607A 100 μs 40 MHz 70 dBc 9 kHz-7.5 GHz

The essential lab tool for wireless analysis and testing

Developed to enable design teams to quickly and easily perform lab tasks, from EMI
sniffing to IoT wireless standards compliance, the RSA600 series is the essential lab
tool for RF analysis:

Superb performance: 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz, 40 MHz bandwidth, and an optional tracking
Quickly discover signal transients and faults during troubleshooting with real time
spectrum analysis
Perform characterization to the latest standards up to 40 MHz in bandwidth
Easily perform VSWR, return loss measurements optional tracking generator, internal
bridge and analysis software

Свойства Ползи
DPX Spectrum /Spectrogram Minimize time to intercept with real time spectrograms.  Ease transient and co-channel interference finding.
40 MHz acquisition bandwidth Analyze wideband signals found in modern communication systems including 802.11n.
17 measurements including spectrum, spur search, spectral emissions, and DPX Minimize cost of equipment with free full featured spectrum analysis software with optional features for basic EMI Pre Compliance Checking and Troubleshooting.
Optional software modules that support popular wireless standards for Internet of Things Minimize cost of equipment and decrease test time with vector signal analysis and wireless standards support for IEEE 802.11a/b/g/j/n/p/ac; Bluetooth Basic, Low Energy, and EDR, and Zigbee.
Standard Preamp with DANL of -162 dBm/Hz at 1 GHz. Optional on some other instruments in the class Improve instrument sensitivity for making low level measurements.
Optional tracking generator with factory calibration, Antenna test, distance to fault, gain/loss and return loss with factory calibration for most measurements Characterize cables, antennas, and filters with confidence.
Mapping, GPS, signal database and interference hunting options Minimizes time and cost of signal quality monitoring and interference hunting with easy to use options.
Recorded file playback through DPX/SignalVu-PC Enables analysis of first turn on of new device with long data captures and measurement capabilities with Signal-Vu PC or other tools.




Spectral Analyzers - Bandwidth GHz



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