Осцилоскоп MDO3012

7,720.00лв. 6,948.00лв.

осцилоскоп, смесени канали, спектрален анализатор

По заявка

НОВО: 6-in-1 MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Осцилоскоп, Спектрален анализатор, Арбитрари/Функционален генератор, Протокол анализатор, Логически анализатор и Волтметър в един уред!

Основни функции:


  • Модели с честотна лената100, 200, 350, 500 MHz 1 GHz
  • До 5 GS/s sampling rate
  • 2 и 4 аналогови канали
  • 10 Mpoint дължина на записа на всеки канал
  • Повече от 280,000 waveforms per second acquisition ratе

Спектрален анализатор:

  • Честота до 3 GHz (опция)
  • До 3 GHz capture bandwidth
  • SFDR of -60 dBc, typical

Арбитрари/Функционален генератор (опция) :

  • Up to 50 MHz function generation
  • 13 predefined functions
  • Arbitrary waveform generation with 128 kpoints waveform memory and 250 MS/s output rate
  • Compatible with Tektronix ArbExpress® PC-based waveform creation and editing software

Протокол анализатор (опция) :

    • I²C, SPI
    • RS-232/422/485/UART
    • CAN, LIN
    • FlexRay
  • USB2.0
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • I²S, LJ, RJ, TDM

Логически анализатор (опция):

  • 16 цифрови канала
  • 500 MS/s sample rate (2 ns timing resolution)
  • 10 Mpoint дължина на записа на всеки канал
  • 8.25 GS/s sample rate with MagniVu (121 ps timing resolution)


  • 4-знака волтметър с AC+DC RMS, AC RMS и DC измервания
  • 5-знака честотомер
  • Автонатичен обхват

A powerful scope is only the start.

Today’s engineering world is dominated by multi-core processors, serial buses, and wireless interfaces. At the heart of the MDO3000 is a tried-and-true Tektronix oscilloscope paired with a base spectrum analyzer and digital voltmeter. Then you can customize it to your testing needs. Add 16 logic channels, a 50 MHz arbitrary/function generator, protocol analysis, and an expanded 3 GHz spectrum analyzer to help tackle today’s—and tomorrow’s—complex designs.


  • Award winning oscilloscope with 125 trigger combinations
  • 10 Mpoint record length with Wave Inspector® controls
  • Base spectrum analyzer included
  • Add instruments and functionality as your testing needs evolve

Accurate Measurements Matter

Put simply, the MDO3000 Series scope is designed to make the most accurate measurements in the industry. While many other instruments only offer low-resolution display data, the MDO3000 takes measurements on actual acquisition data, providing an unrivaled view into your designs. In fact, we’re so confident in the MDO3000 will give you total confidence in your measurements that we guarantee our specifications. After all, measurement accuracy impacts design integrity. Why settle for anything less than exact?


  • Class-leading measurement accuracy
  • 18 guaranteed specifications

The best probes at the best price: free.

Probes should not be overlooked as a key element in the measurement signal path. When you buy an MDO3000 you get the industry’s best probes free. Featuring industry-best loading of 3.9 pF and high bandwidth to match your oscilloscope, the TPP-series probes will be your go-to probe for everyday use.


  • TPP-series probes included standard, one per analog channel
  • Industry-best capacitive probe loading of 3.9 pF
  • 250 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz probe bandwidth to match the scope’s bandwidth

Make Wireless Measurements like an RF Expert – without having to become one

Are wireless communications and EMI considerations pulling you from your comfort zone? Or are you an RF expert who needs an oscilloscope capable of making time and frequency domain measurements? Either way, the MDO3000 oscilloscope with a built-in spectrum analyzer is up to the task. Unlike other oscilloscopes that offer FFT “spectrum analysis”, only the MDO3000 has a true spectrum analyzer built right in, enabling you to perform RF measurements up to 3 GHz without having to leave the comfort of your scope.


  • Base spectrum analyzer, included standard
  • Available 3 GHz spectrum analyzer upgrade
  • Industry’s only true integrated spectrum analyzer hardware
Модел Аналогова честотна лента Sample Rate Record Length Аналогови канали Цифрови канали RF канали RF честотен обхват Функционален генератор изход
MDO3012 100 MHz 2.5 GS/s 10 Mpoints 2 16 (опция) 1 9 kHz – 100 MHz
(до 3 GHz – опция)
1 (опция)


Осцилоскопи MHz


LCD екран (инча)


Аналогови канали

2 канала

Function Generator

Oпция Функционален Генератор 50 MHz

Spectrum Analyzer Опция

До 3 GHz (опция)


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