2601B SourceMeter® SMU Instrument

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Keithley Series 2600B SourceMeter® SMU Instruments


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Channels Max Current Source/Measure Range Max Voltage Source/Measure Range Measurement Resolution (Current / Voltage) Power
1 10A 40V 100fA / 100nV 200 W




Tightly integrated, 4-quadrant voltage/current source and measure instruments Offer best-in-class performance with 6½-digit resolution
Built-in web browser based software Allows for remote control through any browser, on any computer, from anywhere in the world.
Compatible with the Keithley IVy application Offers the fastest and easiest way to perform current-voltage (I‑V) characterization, troubleshoot your DUT, and share measurement results with others.
TSP (Test Script Processing) technology Embeds then executes complete test programs from within the instrument itself, virtually eliminating bus communications to and from the PC controller, and dramatically improving overall test times.
TSP-Link channel expansion bus Enables multiple Series 2600Bs to be inter-connected and function as a single, tightly synchronized, multi-channel system.
Software emulation for Model 2400 SourceMeter SMU Instrument Simplifies upgrading to higher performance hardware in the test rack.
Fully isolated channels that do not require a mainframe Allows channels to be easily reconfigured and re-deployed as your test applications evolve.
Free Test Script Builder software tool Helps you create, modify, debug, and store TSP test scripts
Optional ACS-Basic semiconductor component characterization software Maximizes productivity when performing packaged part characterization during development, quality verification, or failure analysis.


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