2460 SMU

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Keithley SMU 2400 Graphical Series SourceMeter®


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Description Channels Max Current Source/Measure Range Max Voltage Source/Measure Range Measurement Resolution (Current / Voltage) Power
Hi Current Graphical SMU 1 7A 100V 1pA / 100nV 100 W




Combines I-V system, curve tracer, and semiconductor analyzer capabilities in one instrument Saves on hardware costs when building advanced test systems
Wide range of current (1fA to 10A) and voltage (10nV to 200V) available Enables you to test a large variety of materials and devices, ranging from low power to high power
Measurement speeds up to 1Ms/s Enables you to make measurements and capture the information you need to see
0.012% basic measure accuracy with 6½-digit resolution Ensures high measurement integrity for critical applications
Five-inch interactive touchscreen with high resolution Helps you become familiar with the instrument quickly and optimizes overall speed and productivity
Simple icon-based menu structure Reduces the number of steps required to configure a test by as much as 50 percent and eliminates cumbersome multi-layer menu structures
Full data display, charting, and export to a spreadsheet Makes it easy to convert raw data to useful information
Built-in, context-sensitive front panel help Supports intuitive operation and minimizes the need to review a separate manual
SCPI and TSP® scripting programming modes Expands programming flexibility
Front panel USB memory port Simplifies storing test results and instrument configurations, uploading test scripts into the instrument, installing system upgrades, and capturing screens


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Размери 27 x 48 x 23 cm
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