Анализатор на мощност PA1000

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PA1000 Power Analyzer


По заявка
Number of Channels Basic Accuracy (V & I) Max Voltage Input Max Current Input Measurement Bandwidth
1 0.04% reading + 0.04% range 600 VRMS 20 ARMS DC to 1 MHz
Свойства Ползи
Harmonic analysis to IEC 61000-3-2 / 4 -7 Easy, accurate pre-compliance testing to the 50th order
Standby power analysis to IEC 62301 Full compliance testing as low as 5mW
Supports additional testing to CE, EnergyStar, CEC, SPECpower, CQC-3146, NOM-32-ENER-2013, and more For testing to international standards
Transient analysis with 1M sample/sec continuous sampling Accurate measurements with no gaps in data
Measure voltage, current, power, VA, WHr, THD, PF, CF, and more Provides all important AC measurements needed by a power engineer
Convenient front-panel banana jack inputs, color graphical display, and PWRVIEW Software Simplify usage and boost productivity
Optional breakout test box Simplifies AC line connection between the PA1000 and device under test
Complete, Accurate Power Consumption Testing to International Standards

The Tektronix PA1000 is a single-phase, single-channel power analysis solution that is optimized for fast, efficient, and accurate power consumption testing to international standards.  Its compact size, DMM-like user-interface, graphical display, and powerful software enable users to quickly visualize, analyze, and document the power conversion efficiency of next-generation devices.

  • 1 MHz bandwidth
  • 5mW standby power measurement to IEC 62301 ED.2
  • Harmonic analysis to IEC 61000-3-2/4-7
  • +/- 0.04% basic accuracy
  • 20 µA to 20 Arms direct current input
  • 1 V to 600 Vrms (Cat II) voltage input
  • USB, LAN, and GPIB interfaces (standard)
  • Three-year warranty
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